Here are some samples of Progress and Progress WebSpeed programs that I have found useful and posted here to help others to not have to "Reinvent the wheel" so to speak!

This code is provided for FREE. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due.
There is NO warranty either written or implied.

 CheckDigit.htmCalculates the check digit for a value 
 CheckForExistingVar.htmChecks to see if a variable is already defined  
 Check-For-Num-In-String.pChecks for a number in a string  
 ConnectDB.htmShows how to connect and disconnect from a db programmatically 
 ConvertToFraction.htmConverts a Decimal value To a Fraction  
 CountryChooser.htmNifty JavaScript Country chooser based on region! 
 dbio.pUsed by dbio_test.htm to do all sorts of db I/O using a version of Optimistic record locking and session management  
 dbio_test.htmCalls dbio.p to do all sorts of db I/O using a version of Optimistic record locking and session management 
 DirectoryList.htmLists files in a directory (calls DirList.p 
 DirList.pLists files in a directory (called by DirectoryList.htm
 DoesFileExist.htmChecks for the existance of a file  
 Excel2.pExcel Example 
 Excel3.pExcel Example  
 Excel4.pExcel Example 
 exchange.pReturns a table of E-Mail Names and Addresses  
 FieldValues.htmReturns A List Of Available Form Field And Passed Parameter Values 
 fileio.htmExample of reading from a CSV file  
 FileListing.htmCreates a table of files in a directory 
 find_field.pDatabase schema listing utility BY: Tris Hopkin  
 find_field1.panother DB Schema Listing 
 focus1.htmJavaScript method for maintaing focus on a given window. Calls focus2.htm  
 focus2.htmJavaScript method for maintaingng focus on a given window called by focus1.htm
 Form_field_list.htmAnother way to return a list of form fields  
 FormatPhone.iFormat a phone number 
 formatted_display.htmModifies the format of the WebSpeed {&DISPLAY} command  
 FromDaysSinceJan1.pConvert days since Jan 1 to a date. 
 FromJulianDate.pConvert a Standard Julian Date to a Progress Date Value  
 GetProcessID.pGets the ProcessID of this process 
 hex2dec.htmConverts a Decimal Value to a Hex Value  
 JScriptInWebSpeed.htmDemonstrates how to have SpeedScript run a JavaScript command 
 JSdateValidation.htmJavaScript Data Valadation  
 KeyTrap.htmJavaScript Key Capture 
 LeapYear.pIdentifies Leap Years  
 ListFormFieldsEtc.htmYet ANOTHER example of listing Form Fields and Active Variables 
 NumToText.pConverts a Decimal value to a text string in Integer, Decimal, Currency and Ordinal formats! Handles values up to 999,999,999,999.99   
 PleaseWaitScreen.htmPlease Wait Box using Layers and Javascript for pages that are slow to load 
 SetEnv.htmAllow user to dynamically configure WebSpeed ProPath and connect or disconnect to databases in a single agent system (change only affects the currently active agent!). 
 Show Desktop.scfMinimizes all open desktop items. Used by ShowDesktop.p  
 ShowDesktop.pMinimizes all open desktop items. Called by ShowDesktop.htm  
 ShowDesktop.htmMinimizes all open desktop items. Calls ShowDesktop.p 
 SQL.iInclude used in SQL.p and SQLexample.p  
 SQL.pUniversal SQL Query Procedure that passes back a pre-defined set of data fields. (Thanks to Jeff Pilant for a great upgrade!) 
 SQLexample.pUniversal SQL Query Procedure example that passes back a pre-defined set of data fields. Calls SQL.p, Uses SQL.i 
 StreamFile.pThis program © by Bob Mirro takes a binary file and sends it out to the browser.  
 SwearFilter.iChecks a string for swear words 
 TimeToSec.iTime as a character string in the format "HH:MM AM" OR "HH:MM" and returns the time in seconds since midnight 
 ToDaysSinceJan1.pTakes a date value and returns the days since January 1 
 ToJulianDate.pConverts a date value to a Julian date  
 validateEmail.iValidates and Email address for propper formatting 
 ValidateTime.htmJavaScript Time Field validation (Much more at
 WebSpeedInASP.txtRun WebSpeed code from within an ASP file! 
 MassCompile.htmlMass Compile applications for BOTH WebSpeed AND Progress GUI Applications! 
 CompDateRange.pDate Range Comparison that handles ALL date values (thanks Jeff Pilant) and the Progress value "?"! 

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